We are committed to continuing to seek new sources of materials and designs that can provide you with the best protection from vehicle emissions and dust while maintaining comfort. best and best suited to your style.

We always want to receive customer inquiries, suggestions and comments. We are always happy to hear from you.

Stay tuned for our Summer 08 series coming to the market next May.

Karibon respirators manufactured by Karibon Co., Ltd.:

  • Karibon will always endeavor to apply the best available techniques and technologies to provide consumers with products and services capable of protecting their health.
  • Karibon is operating as a social organization and is committed to contributing a portion of its net profits to Vietnamese health and non-government environmental organizations.
  • Karibon always builds and tries to maintain a strong relationship with the government to increase the protection of health for everyone.

Take action

We believe that everyone can play a part in helping clean up the polluted air.

Here are some tips that can help you help reduce air pollution:

  • Avoid traveling on the road during rush hour.
  • Agree with your manager that you can start work outside 7-8am, and end work outside between 4:30 and 6pm.
  • If you only have to travel a short distance, consider walking or cycling.
    When you’re stuck in traffic and can’t move, if it’s safe, turn off your engine until traffic starts again.
  • Maintain your car and motorbike in good working condition. You should follow the rule if you see exhaust fumes from your vehicle, you should see a mechanic for service.
  • Encourage the use of public transport.